How Your Gut Immune System Influences Your Mental Health

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Modern science has progressively revealed that our cognition, including our mental health, is a reflection of multiple physiological processes. Among these, we’re beginning to see that our immune system plays an outsized role. This insight grants us the ability to consider novel interventions for mental health conditions. By prioritizing the health of our immunity—and especially the gut immune system—we may be able to expand the toolkit for people at risk for, or already experiencing, mental health conditions. by Austin Perlmutter M.D. Source:

You’ve probably already heard that your immune system is key to your health. For example, people with an overactive immune system (e.g.chronic inflammation) or an underactive immune system (e.g. immunodeficiency) are at much higher risk for developing serious diseases. However, immunity is a much bigger deal than just a defense against microbes. We now know that it directly affects our brains and changes the way…

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