Soul Retrieval Now

Restore Your Original Blueprint with Sacred Geometry & Rays of Creation

When we experience trauma during our lives, parts of our beings or soul, may flee, or hide in an effort to protect itself. This is called ‘soul loss.’

Depression, anxiety, dysfunctional relationships, a sense of separation, feeling stuck or a sense of an inability to move forward can all be symptoms of soul loss.

Trauma can be familial and even intergenerational, or can come from injury, assault, physical or emotional abuse, accident, the death of a loved one, divorce, war.

Sometimes trauma can extend back to the womb or infancy and may stem from not having our needs properly met. Soul retrieval has been a tradition in indigenous cultures across the globe, stretching back to the dawn of humanity.

It is finally being taken seriously as a powerful, viable means of healing… because it actually works.

Quantum physics explains the principle of conservation of energy: nothing is created or destroyed, instead everything simply takes a different form.

Fractured ‘power’ or ‘soul’ doesn’t disappear but rather takes a new form (often hidden) but always ready to return to its original state.

People have massive breakthroughs in their healing journeys after a soul retrieval, even to the extent of looking younger.

Careful: when we return soul essence, we’re returning power, and power needs to be held with kindness & care.


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