My life is influenced by my own expectations.

My life is influenced by my own expectations.

I love following the direction of my soul.
It guides me towards targets that make me both proud and happy.
I know what I am inspired to achieve in each aspect of my life.
My actions are geared towards those goals that I honestly feel are worth attaining.

My abilities in my professional life push me to set meaningful career goals.
Instead of focus on external expectations, I make career decisions that sit well with me.
The direction I choose gives me peace of mind and a chance to achieve greatness.

I maintain relationships with those whose souls align with mine.
I look for friendships with others that share the same positive energy as I do.

My friends and I connect because we understand each other.
They are a huge part of my life because we think in similar ways.
I am accepting of their spirits and choose to surround myself with them because they are sincere.

All my steps are thought out according to what I know I am capable of achieving.
I am happy with my choices because I know they serve me best.

Today, I respect the influences outside of my own realm, but I am committed to what I know works for me.
My own expectations are enough to keep me motivated and allow me to feel fulfilled each day.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How open am I to hearing advice from others who believe they know what is best for me?

2. How challenged am I by the expectations I set for myself?

3. What changes do I undergo when I realize I am unable to achieve an expectation?

Carmen Sauciuc-Osz, CHt
All it takes, is willingness – Totul e să vrei


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