Scientists call it “Sympathetic Resonance”

Have you ever gotten a good feeling just from being around somebody who’s happy?  Well, it turns out that there is actually a scientific answer to why you feel that way. It’s called “sympathetic resonance.”

We all know that objects can pick up on vibrations from objects that are near them, such as a window rattling when a loud car comes booming down the road.  Also, when two guitars are placed close to each other, and a particular string is plucked on one, the same string on the nearby guitar will also vibrate.

While this is somewhat strange and interesting, it is even more interesting that researchers are discovering that humans do the exact same thing. In people, it not as obvious, but everyone understands the feeling of picking up on someone else’s mood. 

We know that moods rub off on the people we’re around. I know that when I’m unhappy, people around me seem to always know.  Not necessarily from any particular thing I do, but just because they can feel something I’m feeling.  This actually a projection of a feeling.  Each individual radiates a certain ‘vibe’ based on how they’re feeling emotionally at any given moment.  You’ve probably also heard of somebody’s “mojo,” which is another word for somebody’s energy, vibe, aura, vibration, etc.

The whole idea of sympathetic resonance is fascinating.  The energy that flows through us constantly is in the form of vibrations.

Although these sympathetic vibes are not something that we emit consciously, we CAN become consciously aware of and we can stop ourselves from emitting them and we can stop ourselves from receiving them.   Yes, some people may be more keenly tuned in to how others feel, but everyone knows the feeling of being affected by another person’s mood.
There are proven ways to modify your sympathetic resonance so to not pick-up, to not feel the unhappy, sad and overly critical mood of people around you: scientist call this vagal nerve regulation of self-regulating.

Here you can find well crafted techniques for vagal regulation to modify your sympathetic resonance to the happier higher frequency vibrations. Once you’re happier, you will naturally emit these ‘vibes’ and people around you will become happier too.

Be calmer and happier and send out happy vibes – others will feel it and send it back to you!

Carmen Sauciuc-Osz, CHt
All it takes, is willingness – 
Totul e să vrei


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