How To Jump-Start Your Confidence Immediately

• Celebrate your successes. Yes, we all have them. Focus on your talents and give yourself permission to be proud of yourself. Remember the inferiority quote…”no one makes you feel inferior without your permission”?

• Be thankful and be positive. I’ve heard it said that a lack of self confidence can be due to a feeling of not having enough of something. Things will come and go in our lives, so who we are cannot be based on what we have materially. Being thankful and recognizing what you do have will help to fight the feeling of insecurity and inadequacy, but try to focus on non-material things such as relationships, health, your humor or wisdom, or your ability to remain calm under crazy circumstances. Also, avoid self-pity. Again I say, remember the quote… “no one makes you feel inferior without your permission”!

• Get a hobby that is enjoyable to you and allows you to express yourself. Things such as music, art, writing, or even volunteering are great examples. It doesn’t have to be something you think you will be good at…let it be something that is purely for enjoyment and you’ll be amazed at how good at it you actually are!

• Also, it should go without saying but stick up for yourself! I once heard someone say that you have to teach people how to treat you. If you let them put you down…many will. Don’t let them decrease your confidence even in a joking manner.

• Smile…even if you don’t feel like it. Many of you know that it takes more muscles to frown than to smile so go ahead and smile. Besides, studies have shown that an expression on your face can actually persuade your brain to register that emotion. Think: I am gorgeous! Then look in the mirror and smile.

• Of course everyone’s favorite – get plenty of sleep, eat well, exercise regularly, and stop stressing. I put these all together because they seem to end up together in most self-help mantras these days. And as many of you can relate they are easier said then done. Remember the first thing…set attainable goals? That is a must for this action item.

How do you Ease? give Ease a Chance!

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